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  • Two Waterax Stryker Pumps
  • 800’ of single jacketed hose
  • 200’ 2.5” hose
  • 4 Firebozz® Mini units
  • Delivery Fee*

Homeowners association fee added

This includes the following:

  • Regular checking of systems to ensure capability
  • ½ day of training every year to ensure reliability
  • Advice on upgrades to the system (pumps, additional units installation at no cost)

*No installation fee

All Firebozz® units come with pumps, hoses and fittings for standard NPT threads. Individual adaptors for fire fittings can also be ordered in 1.5” NH or NPSH. For 2.5” threads please directly inquire. Fire Department compatible fittings allow the Fire Department to attach directly to any system on site in addition to being run by portable pumps. All systems embody the idea of redundancy, and layered, rapidly deployable response over a wide area in time of wildfire.

All Firebozz® products are designed and manufactured in Canada and the US, with the best components and rugged workmanship.

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